Menu Plan January 1st through January 6th

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Happy New Year!  What more appropriate way is there to start a new year than with a new menu plan?  This year I am determined to get back to fixing more meals from scratch and to eliminate as many processed foods from our diet as possible. 

Here is what I have planned for us this week:
links to recipes are in red

Tuesday - Soups and Sandwiches (still recovering from New Year's Eve)


Breakfast:  Homemade Cinnamon Pancakes using a version of Dad's Homemade Pancakes and Cinnamon Pancakes - will be making extras and freezing for future use

Lunch: Soup and Sandwiches


Breakfast:  Biscuits and Gravy (using biscuits from Wednesday night)

Lunch:  Soup and Sandwiches

Dinner:  Pork Loin Roast with Vegetables and Gravy (recipe coming next week), Basic White Bread (make two loaves - one will be used for Friday Breakfast)


Lunch:  Leftover Pork Loin


Breakfast:  Pancakes (Out of the ones made on Wednesday)

Church and Shopping eating out.


Lunch:  Soup and Sandwiches

Dinner:  Red Beans and Rice, Smoked Sausage Links

Snack:  Chocolate Pudding


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