Valentine's Day Date Ideas For Couples on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is all about love, but spending time with your sweetie on Valentine’s Day can be expensive. If you are celebrating the Valentine’s Day holiday on a budget and are looking for some inexpensive Valentine’s Day date ideas here are a few ideas.

Do Lunch Instead of Dinner

Almost all of your most popular restaurants offer lunch specials during the week, even on Valentine’s Day. Not only will you receive a discount on your meal by eating earlier in the day you will also avoid the crowds that night. If you decide to do a lunch date why not top it off with a Matinee movie, which will also be cheaper than evening prices?

Eat In Before Going Out

Not every date night has to include eating out. If you have plans to go to a concert, see a movie, or have some other sort of entertainment planned for the evening you can enjoy a meal at home before heading out for the evening instead of dining out at a restaurant. By saving money on food, you can spend more money on the entertainment portion of the date.

Choose a Date from The Dating Divas

The Dating Divas is a blog that is written by a group of friends who offer some great inexpensive (and sometimes FREE) date ideas each week. These are complete step-by-step ideas where you pretty much just have to show up at the chosen location and follow the date’s instructions. Almost all of these ideas would work great as a Valentine’s Day date. My favorite one is “The Bookstore Date” but there are a ton of ideas here. You can check them all out by visiting The Dating Divas blog.

Amazing Race Valentines Edition (Group Date)

Not all dates have to be just the two of you. Some of my favorite dates have been group dates, and this Amazing Race Valentines Edition group date would be an amazing time in my opinion. The ladies made up amazing matching tee-shirts, and created a fun scavenger hunt for the guy’s to complete while the ladies were cooking dinner for the men. If you do choose to do a group date, and need a babysitter hiring a babysitter to babysit for two or three of the families at the same time can save on childcare costs. You can find all the details for the Amazing Race Valentines Edition date by visiting the blog, My Insanity.


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