Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maple Apple Crisp, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Vegan Friendly

Yesterday our fruit basket had three Granny Smith apples in it that were getting a little on the overripe side, and it was time to do something with them. My son has just recently started a gluten free and dairy free diet so I needed something that he could enjoy with us as well.  After looking around online I found a few recipes that I thought would work but none of them seemed exactly like I was looking for so I made up my own recipe! 

First, I peeled the apples, cored them, and sliced them paper thin.

With the apple slices I mixed in:
 1/4 cup maple syrup
1 tablespoon gluten free flour
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

After the spices and apple slices had been mixed in I placed the apple slices in a deep dish pie pan.

For the topping I mixed together:
1 1/2 cups Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
1/2 cup Agave Nectar
1/3 cup gluten free flour
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

I sprinkled the topping over the apples and baked it in a 375 Degree oven for thirty minutes.
The apple crisp had a wonderful taste to it, and even my picky eaters loved it.  This would be great with vanilla ice cream but of course we don't have any ice cream in the house since he is dairy free.
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Menu Plan Monday, February 18th to 24th

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This past week was a very busy week for us.  A few nights we opted for quick sandwiches or salads instead of a full blown meal which means we didn't get to some of the meals we had planned, so they will be showing up again this week.  It is going to be another busy, busy week around here this week but I am not complaining, I love my busy lifestyle!
Here's what I have planned for this week:
links to recipes are in red
Lunch - Turkey Wraps, Tortilla Chips with Salsa, Applesauce
Breakfast - Bacon, Eggs, Easy Homemade Biscuits
Lunch - Salads
Dinner - Carraba's Copycat Chicken Marsala (New Recipe that we didn't get to last week)
Breakfast - Banana Bread Pancakes (Family Favorite)
Lunch - Turkey Wraps, Pretzels, Apples
Breakfast - Cereal
Dinner - Baked Swai, Wild Rice
Breakfast - Cereal
Breakfast - Bacon, Eggs, Hashbrowns, Toast
Eating out
Lunch - Eating Out after church

Monday, February 11, 2013

Menu Plan Monday, February 11th to 17th

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With Valentines this week it is all about love at our house.  Mostly though the love is from my kids because I am the super awesome mom who is letting them eat sweets right now!  They love holidays because it means cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate covered marshmallows and CANDY!  We had a Valentine's Day party on Saturday with our extended family, then on Monday we have a Valentine's Day party at our homeschool co-op, followed by a weekend trip to my grandmother's where we will have more birthday cake for her birthday.  So this week we will all be sailing through it on a sugar high! 

Here is what I have on the menu for the week besides sugar:

Breakfast:  Sausage Biscuits
Lunch:  Turkey Wraps, Pretzels, Applesauce
Dinner:  Steaks, Sauteed Mushrooms, Grilled Bacon Wrapped Cabbage

Lunch:  Turkey Wraps, Apple

Breakfast:  Ceeral
Dinner:  Copycat Carraba's Chicken Marsala (New Recipe)

Breakfast:  Bacon, Eggs, Easy Homemade Biscuits
Lunch:  Turkey Wraps, Pretzels, apples
Dinner:  Baked Swai, Wild Rce

Breakfast: Easy Homemade Biscuits, Sasage Gravy
Dinner:  Eating Out

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Treats to Make

I am a huge baker, and always go overboard.  With so many sweet (literally and figuratively) treats to make this Valentine's Day I don't know where to start.  Here is what I am planning on whipping up this Valentine's Day for my loves. 

These heart shaped Rice Krispies are among the top on my list to make, after all Rice Krispies are a snap (I am just full of puns today) to make and the chocolate gives this kid's treat a grown up twist.  You can find the recipe here at Cooking On The Side.

I can not wait to bake up these Marbled Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies.  I am so into making them that I even ordered the EXACT jelly roll pan she uses from Amazon tonight.  You can find the recipe for these here at The Novice Chef.

I am a gumdrop lover but until now I haven't attempted to make my own.  I think these Homemade Gumdrops are the perfect ones to be my first try.  You can get the recipe for them here at Melissa's Cuisine.

We are having our family's annual Red Party this Saturday and I am sure that these cute Strawberry Cupcakes in a Jar are going to still the show.  You can find out how they are made and get the recipe here at Mini Baker.

I know that there is nothing fancy about these heart shaped shortbread cookies from Sugary Winzy but there is something about them that makes my heart sigh with joy.  They are definetely going to be a part of my Valentine's Day treats and they get bonus points for being easy to make!  You can find the recipe for them here.

I don't typically consider pancakes a treat but these Red Velvet Pancakes are definetly going to be a treat on Valentine's Day morning when they are served for breakfast.  You can get the recipe for them here at Recipe Girl. 

So what sweet treats do you have in mind for this Valentine's Day?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Apples to Oregon Unit Study

We have returned to unit studies this semester for Little Man and Sunshine.  We started out the year trying to take a more textbook approach for our science and history but quickly found out that it just wasn't us, and that they learned so much more by diving into unit studies.  I think I am going to continue with interest based unit studies for a little while longer with the two of them.  In addition to the unit study activities that I list here we also do additional Language Arts, Math, and free reading. 

Our first unit study after Christmas Break was on the book Apples to Oregon by Deborah Hopkinson.

This book is absolutely the cutest book I have read in a while, and I loved it as much as my kids.  We were able to dive into so many subjects off of this one book, and are now doing the Oregon Trail lapbook from In the Hands of a Child because of it.

We based our unit study off of the free one that is available here from Homeschool Share but added and changed a few things.  We journaled our study using a notebook approach.  Here is how our week played out.  We attend a homechool co-op on Monday's so our school week at home is only four days.


Copywork  and Weekly Bible Verse - "Keep me as the apple of your eyes, hide me under the shadow of your wings."  Psalm 17:8

Read Apples to Oregon.

Social Studies/Geography - Color the Oregon Flag.  I used a Printable One from ABC Teach that you can get here.  Talk about the symbolism of the Orgeon flag as outlined in the Homeschool Share Unit Study.

Next we used the United States map from the "Where in the United States is Oregon?" lapbook piece in the Homeschool Share Unit Study.  We cut just the map out, then colored in our state, Iowa (which is where the family left from), and Oregon.  After coloring in the states we glued it to the bottom corner of our flag page.

Language Arts - Fruit Alliteration Worksheet included in the Homeschool Share Unit Study.


Copywork - Apples by Helen H. Moore
Apples, apples, what a treat,
Sweet and Tart and good to eat.
Apples green and apples red,
Hang from branches overhead,
And when they ripen,
Down they drop,
So we can taste our Apple Crop!

Language Arts - Write Book Report on Apples to Oregon.

Read Your Life as a Pioneer on the Oregon Trail.  (My kids LOVED this book)

Social Studies/Geography - Color Oregon State Bird and Flower (found in Homeschool Share Unit Study)

Science - Density Experiment

I used the basic idea for the Density Experiment that was listed in Homeschool Share but instead of using the objects listed I let my kids pick five items each to test the density of.  We had some interesting choices this way.

I drew a table on a piece of white copy paper, and let the kids record a guess before the experiment whether each item would float or sink.  We then recorderded the actual results from the experiment and compared the two.

Language Arts - Personification:  Choose an object and describe it as if it was a person.


Copywork - "Any fool can count the seeds in an apple.  Only God can count all the apples in one seed."  Robert H. Schuller

History - Wagon Labeling (Found in Homeschool Share Unit Study)

Talk about Henderson Luelling.

Math - Graph the different varieties of fruit trees Mr. Luelling took with him from Salem, Iowa to Oregon.

Art - Discuss Symmetry and finish drawing the apple.  (Worksheet found in Homeschool Share Unit Study)

Read Johnny Appleseed (Will be discussing Tall Tales tommorow)


Copywork - "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Read Paul Bunyan

Language Arts - Discuss Traits of a Tall Tale and have students write them down for their notebook.

Write your own Tall Tale.

Cooking/Math - Make an apple pie.

Make Cover for notebook and Assemble notebook.