Tips for Eliminating Mosquitoes From Your Yard

With the weather warming up, the mosquitoes will be coming out very soon, if they aren't already out in your area. Mosquitoes are not only a pest but can pass diseases with their bites. If you want to enjoy your outdoor area without having to constantly fight mosquitoes you might want to consider using one or more of these handy tips to help combat mosquitoes.

Eliminate Standing Water
The first thing you will want to do when it comes to combating mosquitoes in your yard is to eliminate any standing water that can be found in your yard. Standing, stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, by having standing water in your yard you are inviting mosquitoes to breed there and by eliminating the standing water you are taking away their breeding grounds.

Lemon Balm and Lemon Grass
The lemon scent of Lemon Balm and Lemon Grass is said to repel mosquitoes. Planting Lemon Balm or Lemon Grass along the borders of your yard, in the flower beds next to your house, and near areas where you want to sit outside at night will help to keep the mosquitoes away.

Essential Lavender Oil is a natural mosquito repellant that can be applied to skin before going outdoors to repel mosquitoes and keep them from biting you. You can make your own Essential Lavender oil from the Lavender plants in your yard.

Bat Houses
If the idea of having bats flying around your property at night doesn't bother you than you might want to consider installing a bat house (or two or three) on your property. Seventy percent of bat species are insectivores, therefore they feed solely on insects. By having bats on your property you will greatly reduce the amount of mosquitoes on your property, it has been reported that some bats can catch up to six hundred or more mosquitoes in an hour.

Dryer Sheets
Many people report that putting dryer sheets in your pockets when you are outdoors will help to keep mosquitoes away. They say that this works best with the stronger smelling dryer sheets, as mosquitoes do not like the smell of them.

Homemade Mosquito Traps
There are several Homemade Mosquito Traps that you can use to help reduce the amount of mosquitoes in your yard. Erin Ringwald, an Ehow Contributor, has step-by-step instructions for creating your own homemade mosquito trap using brown sugar. You can find Erin's homemade mosquito trap by visiting the Ehow website.

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