Menu Plan Monday, July 15th to 21st

This week is a bit different for me I will only be cooking for four since Little Man is at camp this week.  It is his first time ever going to camp and I am sure he will have a blast. 
It is also extremely HOT around here this week.  The temperatures were in the upper 90's but the heat index made it feel like it was in the 100's.  We don't eat a lot when it is so hot outside, and I really don't want to heat up the house too much when it is this hot so our menu this week will be reflecting that. 
So here's what I have planned for this week:
links to recipes are in red
Lunch:  Soup
Dinner:  Garden Stir Fry
Lunch:  Soup and Sandwiches
Dinner:  Pizza using the Flatbread Pizza Dough from this recipe
Breakfast:  Oatmeal, Fresh Fruit
Dinner:  Baked Shrimp Egg Rolls, White Rice
Lunch:  BBQ Pork Chops, Pressure Cooker Cabbage, Mashed Potatoes
Dinner:  Ham Sandwiches, Chips
Breakfast:  Turkey Bacon, Eggs, Toast
Dinner: Family Cookout
Lunch:  Quiche
Dinner:  Eating Out After Church
Lunch:  Soup and Sandwiches
Dinner:  Salmon Croquettes, Macaroni and Cheese, Corn on the Cob


  1. It's been extremely hot in Vegas, as well. We had a few weeks of 110+ degrees. Yuck.
    I hope you have a wonderful and delicious week.

  2. Our son went to a summer day camp from 6 yrs to 15 yrs. It was wonderful. Now that he's 21, he still talks about the fun he had.


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