Starting to Homeschool When Dad Isn't On Board

One of the biggest obstacles that face many moms who have decided to homeschool their kids is getting dad on board.  It is a question that is constantly repeated on homeschool support boards, “What do I do when my husband doesn’t want me homeschooling our children?”  This question is always met with a variety of answers such as “pray for a change in your husband’s heart” or “just do it anyhow”.  If you are a mom who is trying to get your husband on board with homeschooling these are not the types of answers that you want to hear.  You want to hear real advice, with real steps that you can put it into action. 

Yes, I did say that praying for your husband to have a change of heart wasn’t the answer you were looking for but if you are a Christian then praying should be your first step.  Pray for guidance, pray for your husband to have a change of heart, pray for your children, pray, pray, and pray some more.

Find out Your Husband’s Reservations about Homeschooling
In a calm manner, not in an argumentative one, talk to your husband about homeschooling, find out why he doesn’t want you to homeschool, and find out what his reservations are.  Don’t try to change his mind at this point, listen to what he says, really listen, and don’t respond.  Once you have heard him out sit down by yourself and try to address his concerns.  If he is concerned about your children being around other children, join a local homeschool support group that offers activities, put your child in a scout troop, or have them join a sports team.  If he is concerned about you being accountable, find an online academy that you can use that will help you to be accountable.   After you have addressed each of his concerns, sit down with him and tell him how you can help to alleviate these concerns.

Have Him Talk to Fathers of Homeschooling Families
Another way to help set your husband at ease about homeschooling is to have him talk to fathers of families who are homeschooling.  Set up a family play date at your house for some local homeschooling families or put him in contact with the father of another homeschooling family.  This will give him the chance to see what a father’s point of view is when it comes to homeschooling. 

Agree to a Trial Period
See if your husband will agree to a trial period for you to try homeschooling.  The trial period could be a school semester or a full school year.  Try homeschooling for the trial period, and take it from there.  Allowing him to see homeschooling in action in your home may give him a different perspective on homeschooling your children.

Homeschool Over the Summer
Several families use the summer as a trial homeschool period.  This allows mom to have a chance to try homeschooling without having to take the kids out of public school. 
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