Back to School Menu Plan Monday - August 12th to 18th

Join us for Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie.
I am dragging my heels in here screaming, "I am not ready for school to be back in session!"  Obviously no one seems to really care as we are all headed back to school anyhow but I want to go on record as saying I AM NOT READY FOR IT!!!  You would think that as homeschoolers we could extend our summer a few more weeks and prolong the start of our school year but that just can't happen.  We belong to a co-op where my children take their core classes and since today is the first day of co-op it means school is officially back in session for us.  My college classes start back next week so I have a week to allow us to get back into the hang of things before I head back to school as well.  Since we are back in school that means easy breakfasts and lunches for us, as well as some nights where my slow cooker will be my saving grace.
Here's what I have planned for us this week:
links to recipes are in red
Breakfast on the go:  Apple Cinnamon Muffin
Lunch at co-op:  Poached Chicken, Pasta N Peas (served cold), Homemade Apple Sauce (recipe to come soon)
After co-op snack:  Snickerdoodle Cookies for the kiddos while momma gets an apple
Dinner:  Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage, Mashed Potatoes
Breakfast:  Oatmeal
Dinner:  Kelsey's Favorite Stuffed Green Peppers, Mashed Potatoes, Corn on the Cob
Breakfast:  Cereal
Lunch:  Loaded Baked Potatoes
Dinner:  BBQ Pork Chops, Macaroni and Cheese, My Grandmother's Green Beans
Breakfast:  Oatmeal
Lunch:  Fish Sandwiches, French fries (not as healthy as I like but we have a doctor's appointment in the afternoon and it beats fast food) 
Dinner:  Tarragon Chicken in a Crockpot (a favorite that we haven't had in a LONG time), Mashed Potatoes, Lima Beans
Breakfast:  Cereal
Lunch:  Soup, Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Breakfast:  Oatmeal
Dinner:  Eating Out After Church
Brunch:  Turkey Bacon, Eggs, Toast
Dinner:  Salmon Croquettes, Macaroni and Cheese, Baked Beans


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