The Five Most Popular Posts of 2013

2013 was a crazy year for me and unfortunately I didn't get to blog as much as I would have liked.  However, the posts that did make it to the blog in 2013 proved to be quite popular.  Here is a look back at the five most popular blog posts to The Modern Day Mom for 2013.
Posted on January 1st of last year our Detailed House Cleaning Schedule was by far our most popular post of 2013.  It has been pinned countless times and I have gotten quite a few emails on this post!
Our second most popular post of the year was the Valentine's Day Treats to Make.  This post was a round-up of our favorite Valentine's Day Treat ideas and was popular throughout the month of February and beyond!
Our Maple Apple Crisp Recipe was tied with our Valentine's Day Treats to Make post but it received far more Pins on Pinterest.  This simple recipe is easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious!  It was one of my favorite on the fly recipes of the year!
Our Baked Shrimp Egg Rolls Recipe was our fourth most popular post.  These Baked Shrimp Egg Rolls make a healthy main dish for dinner, are budget friendly, and are easier to think than you might think!
Our Cinnamon Vanilla Pancakes recipe was our fifth most popular post and was a huge hit on Pinterest! These pancakes are easy to make and the post includes freezing instructions.
Our Most Popular Post of All Time
Although it was written waaaaay back in 2009 I thought it would be fun to include our most popular post of all time.  It is back before the days of Pinterest and it doesn't have any pictures.  I have had multiple people contact me saying I need to edit the post to include pictures so that it can be pinned and updating the post with pictures is on my to-do list for 2014.  So our most popular post of all time is our Bread Machine French Bread Recipe.  If you are looking for a simple and delicious bread machine recipe you really need to check this post out!


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