Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a good first day of 2014!  We had a fun family night last night to celebrate New Year's Eve. 
We started the afternoon out watching the University of Louisville basketball game, had some ribs for dinner, played a little Family Feud on the Wii, followed by a few hands of Uno, and then watched the last half hour or so of the New Year's Eve television broadcast so that we could see the ball drop in Times Square. 
We were invited to a family New Year's Eve party but I love our traditional New Year's Eve nights at home as a family.  I hope it is a tradition that continues on once our kids are grown and have children of their own!
There's nothing quite like trying to take a family selfie at midnight!

Forget a champagne toast at midnight - we had some Grape Crush instead!
This little boy just couldn't get enough of the whip cream!

Each year we have a New Year "birthday" cake with the year specified with numeral candles.  This year we wanted to do something a little different and decided to go with these cake parfaits instead, a recipe that I will be sharing later this week.  They were a huge hit and will probably become our traditional New Year's Eve dessert.
So Happy New Year from The Modern Day Mom family!


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