Super Easy Turkey Melts, Multiple Versions

Working from home during the day and homeschooling means that I don't have a lot of time to make lunch but I like having a hot lunch to serve.  One of our favorite lunches around here are turkey melts, they are so much tastier than a cold turkey sandwich and take only a matter of minutes to make. 
As I type up some recipes I find myself thinking this is too easy and basic to consider it a recipe but then I remember when I first got married I couldn't cook at all so what some may consider basic I had no clue how to make.  This is one of those basic recipes but hopefully someone out there can appreciate it!
Preparing the Sandwiches
Depending on how you will want your sandwich will determine how you prepare it.  For my sandwich I use two pieces of wheat bread, spread a little mayo on top of each slice and place two slices of turkey on one slice of the bread.  You can use more than two slices but we have found that two slices of bread work the best.  For my husband and kids sandwiches I skip the mayo and just put the turkey directly on the bread.

I like tomatoes on my turkey melts so I add a slice or two of tomato on next.  Again, I skip this on my kid's and husband's sandwiches.
Next comes the cheese, I prefer Pepper Jack, my husband likes American, and my kids like none.  If you have tomato on your sandwiches just place the cheese directly over your tomatoes.
Next place your sandwiches on an ungreased baking sheet.  Do not put the second piece of bread on the top of your sandwich yet, put it on the pan by itself. 
And I forgot to take a picture of this step so you will just have to use your imagination!
Now place the sandwiches in an oven at 225 degrees.  You will want to leave them in the oven until the cheese melts which can be about five to eight minutes. 
I like grilled onions on my turkey melt so while the sandwiches are cooking I sauté up a few onions for my sandwich.
Once your cheese is melted or if you have no cheese on your turkey melt (which I guess without cheese it is just a hot turkey sandwich) when your bread is toasted to your liking it is time to remove your sandwiches from the oven.

After you have removed your sandwich from the oven you can put your grilled onions on it.
And now you can put the second piece of bread on your sandwich and enjoy it!


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