Trim Healthy Mama is one of the latest diet plans (I am sorry lifestyle changes - not diet plan) that is quickly gaining popularity and I have been eating the Trim Healthy Mama way for six weeks now after taking a break from it over the holidays. While the book itself is over 600 pages and contains plenty of recipes, many of the people using the Trim Healthy Mama plan still want more recipes to choose from. Luckily, many recipes can be found online that are acceptable under the Trim Healthy Mama plan. If you are looking for more Trim Healthy Mama plan recipes here are four places where you can find them online. 

Gwen's Nest
Gwen, who blogs at Gwen's Nest, follows the Trim Healthy Mama plan and posts plenty of Trim Healthy Mama recipes on her blog. She has even created a categorized list of Trim Healthy Mama recipes that are organized by meal and type. The recipes are well written, and contain pictures, which make you want to make the recipe immediately. Among the recipes Gwen offers are recipes for appetizers, breads, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts. What I liked most about the recipes that were found at Gwen's Nest were that they contained what I considered more "normal" ingredients than some of the recipes in the book. By normal I mean they contained ingredients that I keep in my pantry normally, and aren't specialty ingredients that I need to buy. To find the Trim Healthy Mama Recipes from Gwen you can visit her blog Gwen's Nest.

Stacy Makes Cents
Like Gwen at Gwen's Nest, Stacy is following the Trim Healthy Mama plan and posts Trim Healthy Mama recipes to her blog Stacy Makes Cents. Stacy also has a master list of her Trim Healthy Mama recipes on her blog but hers are listed in alphabetical order instead of by category. What I liked about Stacy's recipes are that many of her recipes are crockpot meals, which are great for those who are busy and often use their crockpot. Also at the end of each recipe Stacy lists how it is compliant with Trim Healthy Mama, if it is an S, E, or Crossover. You can find Stacy's Trim Healthy Mama Recipes by visiting Stacy Makes Cents.

Trim Healthy Mama Forum
The Trim Healthy Mama Forum is ran by Serene and Pearl the authors of the Trim Healthy Mama book. The forum features an "In The Kitchen" section. The "In The Kitchen" section has four subsections that are divided into E Recipes, S Recipes, Fuel Pull Recipes, and Crossover Recipes. Each subsection contains recipes that were created by forum members or are recipes that are from the book that have been tweaked by forum members.

One of the best places to find Trim Healthy Mama recipes is Pinterest.  I usually use search terms like "Trim Healthy Mama Recipes", "THM recipes", "Trim Healthy Mama fuel pull", or even "Trim Healthy Mama lunch ideas".  I have four boards dedicated to Trim Healthy Mama on Pinterest myself (which you can find here) that are divided up by "Trim Healthy Mama S Meals", "Trim Healthy Mama E Meals", "Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Pulls", and "Trim Healthy Mama helpers". 


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