What I Wore Wednesday - July 2, 2014

 Since I have gone back to work full-time in an office I am much more concerned about what I am wearing each day.  I have always been a fan of The Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday but have never participated.  Now I am participating for my first time and I am super excited!

So here is my situation - I have not worked in almost ten years and my wardrobe is very limited when it comes to office wear.  I have also recently lost several pounds thanks to Trim Healthy Mama and I am still losing so what clothes I do own don't fit for the most part!  Add to that the fact that I am on a very limited budget when it comes to clothing and you can see the frustration I am running into every morning when I get dressed.
So here's what I have worn this week:

This was Saturday when we went to the museum and of course I forgot to take a full body shot.  
Shirt - BB Dakota Illeana Tunic Borrowed from Letote
Black Capris - Mossimo
Necklace - Meijer
Bracelet - Borrowed from Letote

This is what I wore to church on Sunday.
Tunic - White House Black Market
Leggings - Just My Size from Wal-Mart
Sandals - Guess
Bracelet - Borrowed from Letote

This was my Monday morning work outfit.  
Top - Collective Concepts borrowed from Letote
Pants - Nine and Company
Shoes - So old the brand is worn off of them
Bracelet - Borrowed from Letote (I loved this bracelet so much I almost kept it!)

This was my Tuesday work outfit.  Here's my thoughts on this dress - I love the pattern and color but I don't think it is the most flattering on my figure.  I think it makes me look wider than I actually am.  I also think it would look better with sandals but since I was wearing it to the office and had to meet with clients today I tried to dress it up with heels.

Dress- White House Black Market
Shoes - Sears


  1. Yay for your first Pleated Poppy post, and congrats on your recent weight loss. I think you look great in all your outfits. I see what you mean about the dress - the pattern on the bottom hits right across your hips. I know it's time consuming, but I have found many wonderful things at thrift stores for great prices.

  2. thanks so much for linking up!

  3. you look great!! have you tried the 30x30 challenge? that could also be an option for limited wardrobe!


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