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Throwback Thursday - Thanksgiving Blessing Tree

This week I wanted to share a post from the past that is part of our annual November traditions.  It is our Thanksgiving Blessing Tree, something I started several years ago when I wanted to help my kids recognize their blessings.
I wanted a way to help my kids understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving and had seen several versions of Thanksgiving Blessing Trees online.  To make ours I made 21 pockets from felt to count down the twenty days until Thanksgiving, and the last one for Thankgsiving Day itself.  The pockets were sewn rough, they aren't pretty but to me Thanksgiving has a pretty rustic feel to it.  I free hand drew the numbers on felt and cut them out to sew onto the pockets.  For the pocket for Thanksgiving Day I found a Turkey foam sticker at Hobby Lobby to put on it.

After I made the pockets I used a clothespin to clip them onto the ribbon.  I then cut out leaves from construciton paper and placed one leaf for each family member into each pocket, plus one leaf with…

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month With Your Kids

November is Native American Heritage Month and Leslie Stine is back to share with us some ideas on celebrating it with your kids.  

Native American Heritage Month
November is upon us, which means it is Native American Heritage month. You may be thinking it is important for your children to learn about different cultures. What better way than to learn about them yourself and teach your child? Now you may be thinking how do I teach something I don’t know a lot about? Easy! Everything is online now or something long lost... the library. Do some research yourself; find out what you would like to teach your child about the similarities and differences in cultures.
Native American month makes me think about strengthen, tradition, and family. Some things you can do to get your children learning about these things are, finding which states in the United States derive from Native American words. Another idea is to use “code talk” like the Navajos; your child can then create their own “code ta…

Menu Plan Monday, November 9 - 15, 2015

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For the second week in a row I am posting my menu plan on a Tuesday instead of a Monday.  I think that is a testament to how busy I have been.  Last week I left Sunday's dinner on my menu plan open and I filled it with an amazing meal, Spicy Seafood Pasta.  It was a decadent meal that didn't take a lot of preparation.  The recipe calls for clams, but I left them out.  You really should give it a try!
Here's what I have planned for the rest of the week:
Monday - Whole Foods Cinnamon Apple Bacon, Eggs, Hash Browns
Tuesday - Smarty Pants Stroganoff from the new Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
Wednesday - Irish-ish Beef Stew 
Thursday - Shake and Bake Buffalo Pork Chops, Sauteed Red Potatoes, asparagus
Friday - Salmon Croquettes, Macaroni and Cheese, Lima Beans
Saturday - Eating Out
Sunday - Home Style Pork Chops with Pan Sauce, Mashed Potatoes

Teaching Your Kids to Be Thankful

How often do we as kids or adults have the attitude where we can't see what we are thankful for even when it is sitting on the table right there in front of us?  During November many of us spend time thinking about our blessings and it is the perfect time to teach kids about being thankful.  
Leslie Stine is joining us today as a guest writer with tips on how to teach your kids of all ages how to be thankful for what they have.  Leslie has been married to her husband Andy since 2010, and is mommy to a baby girl named June who was born in March, 2013.  Leslie has a degree in Early Childhood Education, specializing in ages 0-3.  I am excited to share Leslie's post today and hope that we will be seeing more of her here at The Modern Day Mom.
Every mom can agree the hardest job in the world is to balance getting and giving your children everything they need and most of what they want, and teaching them how to appreciate it at the same time.  When we are teaching our children life …

Menu Plan Monday

Join us for Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie.
I know it's Tuesday, not Monday but can we pretend that I had my meal plan posted on time?  It's been a busy few weeks, and I am excited that fall is here.  I love fall!  And it's pumpkin flavored everything in the stores!  I am going to try making the Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal for Ms. Criddle's Kitchen one day this week for breakfast.  
Here's what else I have planned for the week: Links to recipes are in Blue
Monday - Steak, Grilled Bacon Wrapped Cabbage, My Grandmother's Green Beans 
Tuesday - Salt and Pepper Pork Chops, Garlic Red Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts
Wednesday - Chicken Cordon Bleu, Mashed Potatoes, Corn
Thursday - Salmon Croquettes, My Grandmother's Green Beans, Macaroni and Cheese
Friday - Trader Joe's Soy Ginger Cod Fillets, Trader Joe's Brown Rice Medley
Saturday - Hearty Turkey Chili
Sunday - Undecided

Surviving the Daylight Savings Time Change

Did anyone else feel like this last night?  I arrived home from work at 6:15 last night and it felt like it was dark enough to be midnight.  Needless to say, I do not like the time change.  
Tina Good is guest blogging today with a post telling us how to survive the time change.
The main key to successfully surviving the change to Daylight Savings Time is to maintain your normal sleep schedule.  This includes both bedtime and your wakeup time.  Maintaining your regular sleep schedule allows your body to adjust to the change to Daylight Savings Time with little to no fatigue.  It is important to remember that you are essentially getting the same number of hours of sleep, it's just different timing.  Some people adjust well to the fall back change in time because they feel they are gaining an hour sleep of the morning.  However, simply put, if you were going to bed at 9:00 p.m. prior to the change to Daylight Savings Time, then you should continue to go to bed at 9:00 p.m. after the c…

Throwback Thursday - Four Tier Cupcake Stand Tutorial

It's Thursday which means it is time for another Throwback Thursday post.  This week I thought I would reshare the Four Tier Cupcake Stand Tutorial that I originally posted four years ago.  I made this cupcake stand to display cupcakes for my daughter's birthday party.  All of the cupcake stands that I saw in the store were cardboard, flimsy, or didn't fit what I was looking for, so I decided to make my own.  

I will preface this post with the same disclaimer as before I have NEVER, EVER written a tutorial like this nor do I claim to be a great crafter.  In fact, I know I am a messy, non-patient crafter but I am working on that one. 

I started out with one piece of this Tri-Ply 4x4 underlayment that I bought at Michael's.  It was in the $5 to $8 range, I am not sure how much it was because I originally bought it for another project.  From this board my husband cut a 9" square, 15" square, 20" square and 24" square. 

Ignore the rectangles in the abo…

When What Your Doing Isn't Working....

When the kids were younger all of our schoolwork was unit study based and interest led.  As my older kids began to reach middle school, and then high school I felt the need to prepare them for college so we opted for classical history and science curriculums.  
I thought that the classical history and science curriculum was the best way to teach older kids.  However, my kids were bored to death of the classical textbook format to history and were not retaining the material the way that they did when we took a more interest led and unit study approach to history.  Last school year at the end of the year we finished our book early and did a few unit studies to finish out the school year.  Those unit studies renewed their interest in learning history and they soaked the information up like sponges.
This school year we are doing things a little bit different and going back to our roots, well sort of.  This year we are going to stay with the formal classical curriculums when it comes to m…

Menu Plan Monday - August 10-16, 2015

See more Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie.
Monday Breakfast - BLT sandwiches Lunch - Dreamfields pasta with marinara sauce Snack - fresh veggies Dinner - chili dogs
Tuesday Breakfast - sausage links and eggs Lunch - eating out at Panera Dinner - Big Mac Salad
Wednesday Breakfast - Berry Breakfast Cake Lunch - leftover Big Mac Salad Dinner - Fajitas
Thursday Breakfast - waffles Lunch - leftover Fajitas Dinner - Salmon, wild rice
Friday Breakfast - cereal Lunch - fried pork chops, eggs Dinner - Homemade chicken noodle soup
Saturday Breakfast - oatmeal Dinner - Festival at church
Sunday Breakfast - waffles Lunch -White bean and ham soup Dinner - One pot cheesy smoked sausage pasta skillet

Fourth of July Learning Resources

Just because it's summer doesn't mean school is over!  The Fourth of July is right around the corner and is a great time to study a bit of history.  Here are some great FREE learning resources for teaching your homeschool students about the Fourth of July.

DIY Homeschooler

4th of July Montessori Unit Study

Homeschooling in Heels Independence Day/4th of July lapbook.html

A Teaching Mommy 4th of July Preschool Printable Pack

Teacher Vision Fourth of July Teacher Resources

Education World 4th of July Lesson Plans

Fields of Daisies Fourth of July Bible Study for Kids

I am linking this post up to the Hip Homeschool Moms Hip Homeschool Hop.

Throwback Thursday - Homeschool Curriculum Review: Christian Kids Explore Biology

It's time for Throwback Thursday - the day that I feature some of my older posts.  For today's Throwback Thursday post I am reposting my review of Christian Kids Explore Biology.  We really enjoyed this curriculum and actually went on to use additional books in the series.

After a lot of researching and searching I decided to use Christian Kids Explore Biology this year for my third and fifth grade daughters. We are loosely following the Well Trained Mind method of education, and were looking for a classical science curriculum that could be used with both girls, and this seemed to fit the bill.
The curriculum is written by Stephanie Redmond, who is a Christian author that has developed a full set of science books that follow the classical method of education. In addition to Christian Kids Explore Biology, she also has written Christian Kids Explore Chemistry, Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space, and Christian Kids Explore Physics. The curriculum is designed for students in…

Five Signs That Your Refrigerator Needs to be Repaired

Your refrigerator is the most used appliance in your home, and if it goes down it can often lead to chaos.  Luckily, your refrigerator will often show signs that it is need of repairs before it goes completely out.  Here are five warning signs that your refrigerator is in need of repairs.

Food is not as cold as it should be or it spoils quickly.

Food that isn't as cold as it should be, as well as fruits or vegetables that spoil quickly when they are stored in the refrigerator are warning signs that something major is wrong with your refrigerator.  It could mean that your refrigerator is leaking coolant, your refrigerator's thermostat needs replacing, or even that there is something wrong with your refrigerator's compressor.

The refrigerator is making noises.

While older models of refrigerators were quite loud when they were running most modern refrigerators are designed to run quietly.  Listen to how your refrigerator sounds so that if your refrigerator begins making odd noi…

Menu Plan Monday, April 27 - May 3, 2015

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Last week was a good week food wise.  We did end up eating out a couple more times than we had originally planned but we tried some amazing recipes, many which will be hitting the blog in the near future.  I have definitely been in the mood to be creative in the kitchen the last few weeks.  When we were at Disney World we stopped by the Columbia Harbor House for dinner one night and I had lobster mac n' cheese, it was delicious!  I have been wanting to try a version of this at home, and plan to do so this week.  
Here's what I have planned for us this week:
Monday Brunch - Bacon, Eggs, Biscuits Dinner - Sandwiches, Pretzels, Fresh Fruit
Tuesday Breakfast - oatmeal Lunch - chili dogs, baked beans Dinner - Shrimp Mac N Cheese, corn on the cob
Wednesday Breakfast - cereal Lunch - ravioli, garlic breadsticks Dinner - Chili Con Queso
Thursday Breakfast - ham and egg sandwiches Lunch - chicken noodle soup, peanut butter a…

Mom's Favorite Baby Finds and Must Have Items for 2015

Are you expecting a baby!  If so congratulations!  Whether you are a new mom or a mom who hasn't had a baby in a long time you may be wondering with all of the new baby gadgets on the market what are the ones that are the best buy.  Here is a look at what mom's say are their favorite baby finds and must have items for 2015.

Fisher Price Rock 'n Play The Fisher Price Rock 'n Play seems to be at the top of many a new mom's wish list.  I had a very similar item when my fifteen year old daughter was born but it was much lower to the ground than this model.  The reason so many moms love the Fisher Price Rock 'n Play is for it's versatility.  It can easily be moved from room to room during the day for baby to nap in, it is portable enough to take with you for use when you aren't at home, and some moms even use it at night beside their own bed for baby to sleep in, as it is a much safer alternative to co-sleeping.  Babies who suffer from reflux seem to do well…

Saving Money on Groceries at Meijer Without Clipping Coupons

I have mentioned time and again on this blog that I am on a tight budget when it comes to grocery shopping.  I am always looking to save as much as I can when it comes to groceries.  While I still clip coupons I don't use many of them because they are for foods we don't eat.  The majority of the coupons I use are for laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, household items, and health care.  One of my favorite stores to shop at is Meijer.  Meijer offers a mPerks program that you can use in addition to coupons, or you can use if you don't use coupons.
In the last month I have saved $56.34 by using mPerks.  My weekly food budget is $125 so this is nearly half of one weeks grocery budget for my family.  
You can sign up for mPerks by visiting Meijer's website.  Once you sign up for this free program you simply go online to chose from Rewards and coupons that you digitally clip.  To use these coupons and rewards at the store, you enter your phone number and pin on the credit…

What I Wore Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The last couple of weeks have been warm, and I was able to wear some spring styles.  This past week however has cooled back off, and it's back to trying to keep warm.  It sounds like we have a couple more weeks of chilly weather before it warms back up for good.
My daughter was sick this week, and I spent Saturday night with her in the ER.  Sleep was not a friend of mine this week as she kept me up most nights.  So I am exhausted in most of these pictures!

Wednesday - School and Shopping Cardigan - Merona at Target (only plus size left here) Tank - Merona at Target (here) Shoes - Macy's (here)  Necklace - Amazon (here

Monday - school and grocery shopping Cardigan - Mossimo from Target (here)  cami - old Pants - Gap (here) Shoes - old (similar here

Tuesday - date night with my husband Sweater - same as Orange above Merona at Target (only plus size still available here)  Dress - TJ Maxx Shoes - old

We went out to dinner and to see the play Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  …