A Year of Small Changes Challenge

I have so many changes I want to make and I want to live a healthier lifestyle but I often get overwhelmed with the amount of change that needs to take place.  That's why the A Year of Small Changes Challenge from The Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans is so perfect for me!  Using the book Small Changes by Brett Blumenthal they are working on accomplishing fifty-two small changes over the year. 

This is week two and this week has been all about sleep.  The goal is to get between seven and eight hours sleep each night.  For someone who is as busy as me I have a hard time getting enough sleep.  I have been working hard to spend the last hour before bed winding down.  I have cut out the screen time and use small lamps instead of the overhead light to help ease the transition to bed.  I have done well getting at least seven hours of sleep each night with the exception of Wednesday night when I got about six hours of sleep.  I was exhausted Thursday and the lack of sleep was noticeable. 

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