Menu Plan Monday - February 21 to March 1, 2015

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I have been looking at the way I menu plan, and wondering if it is still the best way for me.  I currently menu plan weekly, but see that many people menu plan for two weeks or even a month at a time.  I am wondering if this might by a better option for our busy life right now.  How do you meal plan?  Do you plan weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? 

Breakfast - Low Carb German Pancake (S)
Lunch - salad (S)
Dinner - eating out

Breakfast - Turkey Bacon, eggs (S)
Lunch - sandwiches (E)

Breakfast - Oatmeal, Fresh Fruit (E)
Lunch - Baked Parmesan Ranch Pork Chops using this recipe only changing to pork chops, lima beans, salad (S)
Dinner - eating out

Breakfast - Berry Oat Breakfast Cake (E)
Lunch - sandwiches (E)
Dinner - Chicken Cordon Bleu (minus the bread crumbs for me, making it an S), green beans, mashed cauliflower (S)

Breakfast - oatmeal, fresh fruit
Lunch - Loaded Baked Potatoes for kids, Loaded cauliflower for me (S) with a salad
Dinner - Foil Baked Salmon with Fresh Asparagus, brown rice (E)

Breakfast - cereal for kids
Lunch - pizza
Dinner - undecided

Breakfast - bagels
Dinner - sandwiches


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