Outside Activities to Make Snow Days Fun

Right now we are going on day four of snow, and my kids are loving every minute of it.  We live in an area that doesn't get a lot of snow storms, we get an inch or two here or there but we don't get several inches very often.  So we are trying to take advantage of every minute of the snow that we can.

My kids love playing in the snow but they can get bored of it easily so it helps to give them some directed play for the snow.

Here are some fun outside activities that your kids can enjoy on snow days.

Kool-Aid Snow Paint from Growing a Jeweled Rose

Photo Credit:  Growing A Jeweled Rose

I love this fun and simple snow day activity from Growing a Jeweled Rose.  Simply make snow paint from Kool-Aid packets and paint the snow.  Big and young kids alike will enjoy this and it won't get the kids messy!  If you are one of those people who just loves the perfect white snow, and can't stand dirty snow this might not be the activity for you, or choose an area of the snow to let the kids have fun in.  

Ice Marbles from Stockpiling Moms

Photo Credit:  Stockpiling Moms

These fun ice marbles from Stockpiling Moms don't even require snow, just some freezing temperatures will do!  

Colored Ice Hangings from Design Mom

Photo Credit:  Design Mom

Design Mom has a great tutorial on how to make these adorable colored hangings and that are as simple to make as can be!  

Other ideas:

Make an upside down snowman - instead of having your snowman standing up, place the littlest snowball on the bottom and have him standing on his head.

Play with bubbles.  Do you know when you play with bubbles when the temperatures are below freezing that they will freeze?

Create a graph of snowfall.  If you are in the process of getting several inches of snow like we are take measurements throughout the day to see how much snow has fallen at different points in the day.

Make snow angels - this is a can't miss!

Draw a Tic-Tac-Toe board in the snow then use sticks and pinecones as game pieces.

What are you favorite outside snow day activities?  


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