Throwback Thursday: Chili Con Queso

We are currently snowed in.  When we are snowed in I tend to snack a lot more than normal, so for this week's Throwback Thursday post I thought I would share one of my favorite snack foods, Chili Con Queso.  This recipe was originally posted to the blog on 
January 12, 2010 and the original post can be found here.


Block of Velveeta Cheese
Jar of Salsa
1 pound of ground beef, browned

1. Cut the block of Velveeta up into cubes, and place the cubes in the
bottom of the crockpot.

2. Add in the jar of salsa and the ground beef.

3. Stir to mix the ingredients together.
4. Cook on low for two to four hours. Stirring if
needed to keep the cheese from burning. 

5. Serve with tortilla chips.


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