Gingham Apron Sew Along

I love aprons!  I have a big ole' pile of them and feel so much more creative in the kitchen when I wear them.  I don't just like any old apron though.  Nope, I like cute ones, fun ones, and sassy ones!  If you remember, I participated a few times in the Flirty Apron Swap a few years back.  The swap kind of faded away, but now it's back...well, sort of.  It's back as a Sew-Along.  No swapping, no sending packages, none of that.  Simply sewing a themed apron for yourself with others sewing along with you.  And the theme of this sew-along is gingham!  

How fun is that?

Do you wanna join us?  If so head on over to The Apronista blog and sign up here.  Suggested completion date is May 1st so you still have plenty of time!


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