Kentucky Derby Menu Ideas, Take 2

The 2015 Kentucky Derby is still a few weeks away but my Kentucky Derby Party Menu Ideas post from 2013 is really starting to pick up views again.  Since the post is two years old and I have been dreaming myself of Derby food I thought it was time to share some more menu ideas for this year's Kentucky Derby.  So check out the old post and continue reading for plenty of Kentucky Derby inspiration.

So here's a look at the foods that are going to be gracing my Kentucky Derby party:

Benedictine sandwiches are as Kentucky as the Derby itself and this Benedictine Spread from My Own Sweet Thyme looks amazing.

The Kentucky Hot Brown is another Kentucky Derby staple but the traditional Kentucky Hot Brown isn't always easy to make for a crowd.  This Hot Brown Casserole from The Fresh Market and this Kentucky Hot Brown Bake from Eat at Home are great alternatives for crowds.

Kentucky = Bourbon 
and a Kentucky Derby party is the best place to showcase Bourbon themed foods.  

And these Bourbon Meatballs from The View From Great Island would be a perfect crowd pleaser at your party.

Growing up in Kentucky bourbon balls were a staple at many of my family's holiday parties.  These Kentucky Bourbon Balls from Food 52 are wonderful.

Kentucky's Woodford Pudding from The Southern Lady Cooks and this Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cake with Caramel Glaze are also perfect ways to bring a little taste of Kentucky Bourbon to your party table.

These Derby Bars from The SoHo bring a nice twist to the traditional Derby pie and are the perfect Kentucky Derby party dessert.

These Mint Julep Cupcakes from Baked Perfection are also a great dessert idea and guess what one of the ingredients is?  That's right!  Bourbon!

And speaking of Mint Juleps check out these Mint Julep Brownies from Spicy Southern Kitchen.

And while the adults are sipping their Mint Juleps why not give the kids something of their own to enjoy with these Non-Alcoholic Mint Juleps.

So now who else is ready for Derby to get here!?!?!


  1. Oh my goodness! That sandwich bake thing looks amazing!


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