Mom's Favorite Baby Finds and Must Have Items for 2015

Are you expecting a baby!  If so congratulations!  Whether you are a new mom or a mom who hasn't had a baby in a long time you may be wondering with all of the new baby gadgets on the market what are the ones that are the best buy.  Here is a look at what mom's say are their favorite baby finds and must have items for 2015.

Fisher Price Rock 'n Play
The Fisher Price Rock 'n Play seems to be at the top of many a new mom's wish list.  I had a very similar item when my fifteen year old daughter was born but it was much lower to the ground than this model.  The reason so many moms love the Fisher Price Rock 'n Play is for it's versatility.  It can easily be moved from room to room during the day for baby to nap in, it is portable enough to take with you for use when you aren't at home, and some moms even use it at night beside their own bed for baby to sleep in, as it is a much safer alternative to co-sleeping.  Babies who suffer from reflux seem to do well in it as it keeps babies upper body slightly elevated.

Nose Frida
So when I first heard of the Nose Frida I thought that it was the grossest thing ever!  The Nose Frida is a nasal aspirator that allows you to suck baby's snot out of their nose with.....your mouth.  I know!  However, the Nose Frida actually works and you don't end up with snot in your mouth.  It is much more effective than the little blue bulb aspirator that you get in the hospital.  And in the end baby can breathe, which is what matters.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow
When I had my first child the Boppy pillow was all the rage.  I could never get it to work right.  All of the issues that breastfeeding mom's had with the Boppy seem to be solved with the My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow which makes it rank at the top of many new mom's must have list.

SwaddleMe Adjsutable Infant Wraps
Swaddling your baby is an art form, and one that I had a hard time perfecting with my first child.  However, when you got the swaddling right it was amazing.  With the SwaddleMe adjustable infant wraps swaddling is made easy.

The Woombie keeps baby warm at night and is a much safer alternative than covering baby up with a blanket for the night.  

Dr. Boudreaux's Butt Paste
There are lots and lots of diaper ointment creams on the market but this is the one that wants.  It does wonders and is an absolute must have for your nursery!

Euro Spa Bath and Changing Table
The Euro Spa Bath and Changing Table is another item at the top of many mom's must have list.  It acts as a changing center with plenty of space to store wipes, diapers, and all of the items you need for diaper changes, while also having a tub to wash baby in.  It's height is perfect for mom's, and it is portable.

Other Must Have Items 
Nail Clippers - the ones specially designed for babies are best

Onesies - in the winter you can layer them, in the summer they are perfect for wearing by themselves

Cloth Diapers - diapers are expensive and cloth diapers are a much cheaper alternative, while also being better for the environment.  There is no need for the fancy ones, the simple ones work just as well.

Socks - these seem to get lost so easy, so having plenty on hand will be a blessing.

Baby Carrier - There are all kinds of baby carriers available on the market and the kind that works best will vary from individual to individual.  I have to add a word of warning will come with these, if you decide to breastfeed while wearing your baby please be careful.  My sister had a very close call with my niece who fell asleep while breastfeeding in a baby carrier.  

Swing - the time that baby spends in the swing is the only relief that some new mom's get.  For many babies the soothing rocking of the swing is the only thing that will comfort them, or let them sleep.

Lanolin and breast pads - if you are a nursing mom these are a must

Formula - even if you plan on breastfeeding exclusively it is recommended that you keep some formula on hand in case for some reason you have to have it.

Wipes Warmer - this is especially important in the colder months but I used mine all year long

Hands Free Breast Pump - When your hands are full of a little one all day, having a hands free breast pump will allow you to read, surf the internet or even fold clothes while you pump.

Infant Night Gowns - You will be changing your baby's diaper a lot during those first weeks, and you will be sleep deprived.  Using night gowns instead of sleepers means you have no zippers or snaps to mess with when changing diapers.

Hats - Babies lose the majority of their body heat through their head.  No matter what the season is baby hats can help keep baby warm in the winter months or in the cool air conditioning.

Convertible Car Seat - while infant seats can be tempting a convertible car seat will last you much longer than a newborn seat making it a much better investment from the beginning.

Gas Drops, Teething Drops, Baby Tylenol - These are items you will want to keep on hand, as they are not things you will want to be running out to the store at 2 AM to purchase.  Purchasing ahead of time won't be a waste of money - you will use them at one point or another!

Behind the Ear Thermometer - Less invasive than other thermometers, it works quickly and is great to use with a fussy baby.

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