Spring Has Sprung

This last couple of weeks has been hit and miss with rain.  In fact it looks like the next few days are going to be the same way.  However, today we were able to get a little break from the rain and while the sun was out we decided to go outside to get some yard work done.  I haven't felt well all week and today was the first week I have felt good so out we went.  

We mowed the yard and found time to climb in trees.

I transplanted strawberries that had been planted directly into the ground and were being taken over by weeds to a raised bed.  I am hoping they will do better in the raised bed.  I also uncovered my mint bed for summer, and pulled the weeds.  Then we set up two new flower beds and planted some iris plants in the new beds.

I have plans to set up two more raised beds to set up for vegetables.

The kids were exhausted and went to bed early tonight.  I think I need to get them outside more often!


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