Using Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime in Homeschooling

I like variety when it comes to homeschooling.  We read a lot of living books, and I think literature is very important.  However, I think watching documentaries or movies on a subject can be equally important.  There's something about seeing history or science on the screen that can really help it click in a kid's mind.  Videos don't make up a large part of our school week, we will watch an hour or two out of the entire week.  

There are three video streaming resources that we use those are Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.  Netflix and Hulu are each less than $10 a month, so the cost isn't a large amount.  Amazon Prime is $99 a month which equals less than $9 per month.  We use Amazon Prime less than Hulu or Netflix but I find that the free Prime shipping justifies the cost, and the Prime videos are just an added bonus.

Finding which movies you want to watch can be the biggest hurdle.  The first place I look for movies is in the textbook themselves.  Many textbooks and unit studies offer video suggestions.  I simply look these titles up on the different streaming services and add the available ones to my queue.  

If there are no suggested videos I will look keywords up on each site, in an attempt to find suitable titles.  I find searching on my laptop instead of on the device I will be streaming the videos on to be the easiest way to find available movies.  If you are unsure of the movies that you are finding you can look the title up on Amazon and read the reviews for them there.

Another place that I find suitable videos is on homeschooling Facebook groups that focus on Homeschooling through videos.  Christian Homeschooling with Netflix, Amazon, You Tube, Roku and MORE! and Homeschooling with Netflix are two groups that I find very helpful when it comes to finding videos to use.  The members of these sites are extremely helpful and are willing to help you find the videos that you need.

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