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Menu Plan Monday - August 10-16, 2015

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Monday Breakfast - BLT sandwiches Lunch - Dreamfields pasta with marinara sauce Snack - fresh veggies Dinner - chili dogs
Tuesday Breakfast - sausage links and eggs Lunch - eating out at Panera Dinner - Big Mac Salad
Wednesday Breakfast - Berry Breakfast Cake Lunch - leftover Big Mac Salad Dinner - Fajitas
Thursday Breakfast - waffles Lunch - leftover Fajitas Dinner - Salmon, wild rice
Friday Breakfast - cereal Lunch - fried pork chops, eggs Dinner - Homemade chicken noodle soup
Saturday Breakfast - oatmeal Dinner - Festival at church
Sunday Breakfast - waffles Lunch -White bean and ham soup Dinner - One pot cheesy smoked sausage pasta skillet