Throwback Thursday - Thanksgiving Blessing Tree

This week I wanted to share a post from the past that is part of our annual November traditions.  It is our Thanksgiving Blessing Tree, something I started several years ago when I wanted to help my kids recognize their blessings.

I wanted a way to help my kids understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving and had seen several versions of Thanksgiving Blessing Trees online.  To make ours I made 21 pockets from felt to count down the twenty days until Thanksgiving, and the last one for Thankgsiving Day itself.  The pockets were sewn rough, they aren't pretty but to me Thanksgiving has a pretty rustic feel to it.  I free hand drew the numbers on felt and cut them out to sew onto the pockets.  For the pocket for Thanksgiving Day I found a Turkey foam sticker at Hobby Lobby to put on it.

After I made the pockets I used a clothespin to clip them onto the ribbon.  I then cut out leaves from construciton paper and placed one leaf for each family member into each pocket, plus one leaf with a Bible verse written on it.  I used several verses that were about Thankgsiving, and being thankful.  For Thanksgiving Day I added extras since we would be having family over for dinner.  I used leaf shaped cookie cutters as stencils for my leaves, and cut them out with scissors. 

After I did all that I drew a picture of a tree onto a piece of poster board (I am not an artist by the way so it's very basic).   I also added a Bible verse about Thanksgiving. 

Each night at the dinner table we would read the Bible verse for the day, then we would each get a leaf and write what we are thankful for on it.  We then share our answers with each other, and let the kids glue the leaves onto the tree, which explains why there is no order to how they are glued on. 

At the end of Thankgiving I roll the poster board up, put a rubber band around it, write the year on the back of it, and store it.  It's been fun to go back and look at our trees from the last two years.  It really gets the kids thinking about Thanksgiving and all the things we have to be thankful for. 

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