Review of Disney's Le Cellier Restaurant

On our recent trip to Walt Disney World we spent two days at Epcot. On one of those days my husband and I had a date night at Le Cellier which is located in the Canada pavilion.

Le Cellier is considered one of Disney's signature restaurants and is a coveted reservation. Which is why I was beyond excited to eat there.

One thing I was worried about when I made the reservation was the dress code for Le Cellier. However, that worry quickly vanished when I was informed that typical theme park attire was accepted. Which was a relief since I didn't want to have to run back to the hotel to change clothes just to eat here.

Le Cellier is designed to resemble the cellar of a Canadian castle with a very romantic ambiance. Which would be perfect for two parents on a date in the middle of a chaotic kid-centered Disney vacation. The ambiance did not disappoint but I will admit that the positioning of the tables does not give way to a very private dinner as you are literally sitting shoulder to shoulder with the table next to you as the tables are so tightly spaced.

The other detraction to this restaurant was that we felt that we were rushed through the dining experience by our server. I feel that this was most likely a server issue and not an overall restaurant issue. For example, she brought a to-go container to our table, without our asking for one or telling her that we needed one. As we were talking to her about our meal she started flinging (and I mean flinging) the food that was still on my plate into the box. It really made us feel like she was saying, "okay, it's time to go".

So now that we have talked about what I didn't like about the restaurant, let's talk about what I did like - the food. The food was exceptional.

Before our meal arrived we were given a bread basket. As you can see ours contained only three pieces of bread. Wanting to try each of them we split each piece in half so that we could both try them. The bread wasn't warm but it was good.

My husband and I both ordered the Seared Canadian Bison Strip Loin with bleu cheese mashed potatoes. Which of course I forgot to take a picture of, but believe me it both looked and tastes great. We wanted something that we couldn't get at a restaurant at home so this was the obvious choice for us.

Overall, Le Cellier was a great restaurant to eat at and the food was as great as expected. However, for the experience we got and the feeling of being rushed it didn't live up to the hype it is given online. We paid for our meal out of pocket but would have been even more disappointed if we had used the dining plan for this experience and would have had to give up two table service credits for it.

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