Teenagers Not Excited About Learning to Drive

I was so excited to start driving when I was a teenager. So much so that when I was still 15 my mom took me to the parking lot of the local high school and started teaching me the basics. The first day that I was eligible to take the driving permit test I was there bright and early, which was unusual for a teenager who typically slept till noon. I drove home that day and it was the greatest feeling in the world. My mom was insistent that I keep my permit for at least a year, which was the LONGEST year of my entire life it seemed. The day I received my drivers license it was as if I finally had the freedom I had so dearly longed for.

That's why it came as such a big surprise when my oldest daughter had no desire to get her drivers license. She went at 17 to get her permit because we insisted and now a year later has only practiced once. We are insisting that she take a Drivers Ed course as she is now taking classes at the community college an hour away from our home and getting her there has become a hassle.

I was even more surprised to learn that she is not alone when it comes to not being excited about driving. It turns out this has become a cultural norm in our country with many waiting until the age of 19, 20, and 21 to learn how to drive. Many of these drivers only seem to get their license at that point because it has become a necessity due to school or work.

So why has there become this big shift towards teenagers not driving in our country?

Some moms blame it on the lack of responsibility that our kids feel, they just don't want to learn because they don't have to - especially when they have someone willing to drive them everywhere they want to go.

Other parents believe it is because driving is a hassle in some areas, insurance rates make it impossible in other areas, and many areas have lots of public transportation options. None of these apply to us, so I still find it hard to believe my daughter isn't excited about driving.

Have you noticed this trend among the teenagers you know? Or are they chomping at the bit to start driving? Do you have any tips for getting reluctant teenagers excited about driving?

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