Dapper Day at Disney

As a Disney fan it always amazes me when I discover something new at Walt Disney World.  How is it that I have never heard of Dapper Days at Disney?

Dapper Days are a semi-annual event that are held at Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Paris.  This fashion centered event has Disney guests stepping out in vintage style.  This is not a Disney Park event but more of an informal meetup that was started in Disneyland in February of 2011.  The event has grown over the years, and by the looks of posts on social media I am not the only Disney fan who has never heard of this event.  

Check out some of these lovely outfits from Dapper Days at Walt Disney World in Florida yesterday.

The remaining 2016 Dapper Days are:
April 30th and May 1st at Disneyland
November 5th and 6th at Disneyland 
November 12th  at Epcot

Am I the only one who wants to go?


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