New Pete's Dragon From Disney

Remember Elliott the Dragon from Pete's Dragon?  I loved this movie growing up and was soo excited when I heard that Disney is remaking it and can't wait to share this movie with my kids.  

Entertainment Weekly featured the movie this week and got an in-depth look of the movie that releases on August 12th.  As part of their story they released a photo giving us our first look at the new Elliott the Dragon and it is has the Internet in an uproar.

The photo is trending now on social media sites with people crying out that they are disappointed in the new Elliott.  Some are saying the dragon now resembles a furry cat with wings, or a green dog and others are even comparing it to something that would be found in Monsters, Inc.  Some want to know where his pink tufts are and his scales.  And those most skeptical commenters believe that a furry dragon is a way for Disney to push Plush character sales for the movie.  

What are your thoughts on the new Elliott the Dragon?

Me?  I am not sure what I think of the new Elliott the Dragon yet.  I am still hoping for a movie I can love as much as I did the first.


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