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One of the joys of homeschooling
 is getting to choose which programs work best for your child.  For my youngest computer based programs have always been the best way for him to learn. is a great online program designed for two to seven year olds.  The program focuses on reading, math, science, arts and colors.

 It has a very impressive scope and sequence that covers a wide variety of information in each subject area.  ABCMouse's approach to learning is a stepping stone type approach with each lesson building on the previous lessons.  The program is designed to encourage children to acieve goals in order to achieve the next step of learning.  One of the great things is that with this program kids do not even realize they are learning but instead they think they are just playing a computer game.

Another feature that I like about ABCMouse is that it does have a built in timer which makes it easy if you want to limit your child's use of the website.

I do think that ABCMouse is a great program and is appropriate for it's target audience.  I think for ages 2 to pre-k this is an excellent stand alone program but for those in kindergarten and beyond it is more of a supplement.  Some relaxed homeschoolers will be fine with it being a complete kindergarten curriculum, so it really does come down to a personal choice.

Are you ready to try for yourself?  


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