When Plans Don't Go As Planned

If you have read my blog much at all you will know I am a planner. I like huge holiday celebrations with bunny shaped rolls or Santa shaped bread. A fully set tablescape, with all the little touches attended to. I go big when it comes to holidays. But what about the holidays when things don't quite go as planned?

This past Easter was one of those holidays. At the beginning of the week we realized we were going to be on our own for Easter this year, it would be just our little family of five, which was a huge change for us. My daughter was upset and wanted me to try to pull something special together. All of my kids wanted to make sure that they would still receive an Easter basket and that we would still celebrate the day.

I had a busy week at work all week and was unable to shop for the kids Easter goodies until the day before Easter. So on Saturday morning, the day before Easter, my husband and I headed out to attempt to pull something together from all the picked over shelves.

In addition to Easter shopping we had other errands to run, and it was nearly midnight by the time we arrived home. It was way too late for me and I was too tired to climb up into the attic to retrieve the Easter baskets so I started looking for alternatives - the paper bags from Whole Foods that I had brought my groceries home in won.

On Easter we discovered the restaurant we had planned to eat lunch at was closed, and everywhere else seemed busy. The Hibachi grill at the Japanese restaurant had no wait so it was quickly decided that was where we would eat.

Our day didn't go quite as planned. There really wasn't much that was spectacular about it and I felt as if I had failed as a mother because I had let them down. I cried. I was upset. I just wanted a do over. I had wanted to make their day special.

Then later I realized the day was not about making my kids feel special, it was about celebrating our Risen Savior. So what that the kids Easter goodies came in brown paper bags instead of baskets? So what that we ate a very non-traditional Easter meal? We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The day isn't about the perfect Easter basket, or the perfect meal, it's about so much more than that. It is so easy for us to get caught up in making everything perfect that we lose sight of what is really important.

So next time your plans don't go exactly as you have planned look for the silver lining, because I guarantee a silver lining is there.

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