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Ways to Fight Ants Naturally

It's summer and no matter what I do it seems as if I have been invaded by ants!  And it seems I am not alone in my quest to rid my home from ants.  However, I am not big on using pesticides in this house.  With kids, pets, and more in my house I want to fight the ants naturally but how do I do that?
Here are five ways to fight ants naturally:
1.  Essential Oils
I am a huge fan of essential oils and when it comes to getting rid of ants naturally it appears tht essential oils can be the perfect answer.
For ants Peppermint Essential Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil are two essential oils known to combat ants.  To use essential oils to combat ants wipe down your baseboards, and other entry points to prevent ants from coming into your house.
2.  Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
Food Grade Diatomacacous Earth is perfectly safe for humans and pets but it is deadly for bugs.  Just sprinkle a thin layer of Diatomaceous Earth where you are are finding ants, along widow sills, under cabinets, etc.…

Why Finding Dory May Not Be Appropriate for All Children

Finding Dory is the long anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo and kids of all ages have been eagerly anticipated seeing it.  But this movie may not be appropriate for all children due to emotions that it may trigger.  For some families a trip to the theater to see Finding Dory may not be a fun trip to the theater.  It has already been said that this movie is not a good movie for families who have foster children or children who have been adopted but I am going to take it a step further and say that it may affect other children as well.    
Why is that you may wonder?

On Facebook Tera Wolf shared a post from an adoption page that laid out clearly why this movie may not be appropriate for children who are in foster care or have been adopted.  In her post she states:
WARNING! Before seeing Finding Dory, all foster/adoptive parents should preview the movie first! We thought our teenage bio kids & 9 yr.-old adopted son (we've had him for 4+ yrs) could see it without us previewing it. Ou…