Eight Girls of Instagram with Vintage Pinup Girl Style That You Should Be Following

I totally love the vintage pinup girl style and would love to incorporate more vintage style clothing into my own wardrobe.  For now I get my vintage pinup girl style fix through Instagram.  Here are four of my favorite people to follow on Instagram because of their amazing vintage pinup girl style!

1.  Miss Victory Violet - She has the most beautiful photos with her makeup and outfits always on point.

2.  Miss Hero Holiday - I love her classic style and her love of bright colors.  Her outfits are always of a classic vintage style.

3.  Sarah M. Palmer (pinuppalmer) - Sarah is one of my favorite Instagrammers for vintage pinup style!  She often tries to recreate the looks of actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood, but my favorite photos are those where there is a Disney theme (we all know how much I love Disney).

 4.  KirstieMyDear - One of the things I like best about Kirstie is that she fully embraces her body type.  She has no problem going against what the beauty standards of today are in order to love her healthy body.

5.  Emmy DeLight - I love how all of Emmy's pictures have a very vintage appeal and seem to transport you back to a different era.

6.  Diablo Rose -Diablo Rose is a stylist at a vintage hair salon and her photos are always full of fun.

7.  Amy (miss_amy_may) - I love Amy's style and her personality always seems to shine through in her photos.

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