The Dream Car Museum - Evansville, Indiana

Continuing our day in Evansville, Indiana we followed our trip to the USS LST 325 Memorial with a trip to the Dream Car Museum.


The Dream Car Museum is a private collection of cars that is housed at Bennett Motors in Evansville.  One of the best things about the Dream Car Museum is that admission is free.


The museum features a variety of cars that range from vintage collectibles to exotic cars.  Each car lists the actual mileage of the car, most are very low mileage, and the estimated value of the car.  


And some cars are famous like the General Lee that was used for the filming of the Dukes of Hazard.


Or the Dodge Charger that was used in the final scene of  the filming of The Fast and The Furious.

Another favorite was the Ultimate Barn Find Corvette.


It takes about an hour to go through the museum, it's definitely not an all day attraction, but if you are a car lover it is a must see.

The Dream Car Museum is closed on Sundays and Mondays.  


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