Tipsaw Lake Recreation Area Campground Review

This weekend we decided to try a new campground and visited the Tipsaw Recreation Area Campground in Tell City, Indiana.  We based our decision on the website and mostly positive reviews.

The campground is divided into three loops.

We decided to choose site 3 in the Catbrier loop, as Catbrier was the RV loop and was supposed to be the nicest of the three loops.  It also offered electric and water hookups for $30 per night.


As you can see the site description looks amazing.  And most specifically it showed the site was paved.  

However when we arrived we were quite disappointed in our site.

This is our paved site.

I guess you can say technically it is paved, as there are pavers under the overgrown grass.  

The next big disappointment?  The fire pits.

Yes that is our fire pit and picnic table right next to our neighbor's fire pit and picnic table.  The way the sites are designed it is as if you are sharing the same site.  We could hear 100% of their conversations and they could hear 100% of our conversations.  There was no privacy at all.

Our neighbor's felt the same way and actually ended up leaving a day early because of it.

I don't like leaving negative reviews.  I almost always try to highlight the positives, but I also feel it is important to be honest and let people know what to expect.

I will say that the campground hosts were friendly and very personable.  They did their best to make your experience as good as possible.  The restrooms and the campground itself were very clean.  

The rest of the cons.  The campground is across the highway from the Branchville Prison.  We had no idea about this until after we arrived.

The other con.  The dump station.  The dump station is not located within the campground.  It is actually out of the campground, across the main highway, and located in front of the prison.  So if you need to make a quick trip to the dump station or have a portable dump tank you must leave the campground and cross the main highway to do so.  This is incredibly inconvenient.

So my opinion on the campground?  Unless you just absolutely need a campground to stay at in the area I would skip it.  I know a lot of people enjoy it but it just wasn't for us.  


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