Visiting the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial


This past weekend we visited the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial in Lincoln City, Indiana.  The Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is part of the National Park system and is built on the area where Abraham Lincoln's family lived during their time in Indiana.

The cost for admission to the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is $5 per person or $10 per family and is good for seven days.


We started our visit in the memorial building which features a museum with exhibits focusing on Abraham Lincoln's time in Indiana, a movie theater that shows a movie about his time in Indiana, and a gift shop.

A short walk from the memorial building is the Pioneer Cemetery where Abraham Lincoln's mother Nancy Hanks Lincoln is buried.

From the Pioneer Cemetery you can take a short hike, about a half mile, to the 1820's homestead which is a living historical farm.  If you want to avoid the hike there is a road to drive up the homestead.


At the homestead you can view a bronze outline of the foundation of the cabin Abraham Lincoln lived in as a young boy.  


There are several buildings on the homestead for you to visit.  This is the cabin that is at the homestead and those pegs on the wall are the "stairs" leading to the loft of the cabin.


One of the favorite buildings for my boys was the woodworking shop.


Not only did the shop feature woodworking tools from the time period it also featured the pelts of several wild animals that would have lived in the area at the time Lincoln lived here.

From the homestead we took the Trail of Twelve Stones back to the memorial center.  The trail features stones from important buildings and places in Abraham Lincoln's life.  Which included this stone from the White House.


We found the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial to be a very educational trip and enjoyed our time there.  I highly recommend visiting if you are in the area.


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