Review of Wilderness at the Smokies Adventure Forest

Right outside the doors of the indoor waterpark at Wilderness of the Smokies is Adventure Forest.  Adventure Forest is a dry play area that features arcade games and activities for your family to enjoy in addition to the waterpark.  As most other waterparks are also set up you must enter the waterpark through Adventure Forest so if you don't want to pay the additional cost of Adventure Forest or do not plan on visiting Adventure Forest you may want to prepare your kids for this in advance so you don't get hit with it when you arrive.

Adventure Forest has additional costs associated with it and you can purchase activities, individually, by the day, or by the stay.  On our visit we chose the All Stay Pass which was $24.99 for kids under age 11 and $29.99 for those 11 and older.  We purchased our passes before we arrived and were able to get a buy three get one free special which we felt like was a good deal since we were staying a week.  

My kids favorite part of Adventure Forest is the Tree Top Towers.  Tree Top Towers is a three story rope course that kids complete while wearing a harness.




Probably a second favorite to the Tree Top Towers is Mount Wild an indoor climbing wall.

And another favorite was Howlin Hound Dog Alley a miniature bowling alley.  While this was probably third on the list for the kids it was number one for mom and dad.  


In addition the All Stay Pass included Copperhead, which is a laser maze, Daredevils  Drop, which is a small thrill ride for the littler kids, and two miniature golf courses, and an indoor golf course.  

Adventure Forest also features Fury in the Forest which is a blacklight laser tag game.  This is not included in the cost of an All Stay Pass and is $7.00 per game.

The kids did use their All Stay passes on this trip and enjoyed the games.  However, while I believe this was a good value since our stay was a week long, I do not think it would be a good value for a shorter stay.  In fact we are planning a short weekend trip to Wilderness at the Smokies and we will not be visiting Adventure Forest on our upcoming stay due to this fact.



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