My Unit Study Roundup

We are huge unit study fans and I have posted a few of the unit studies that I have put together on my blog.  As school starts back for the year the views on those unit study posts have spiked.  So to make it easier I thought I would do a round up of our favorite unit studies that can be found on my blog.

One of the first unit studies that I posted was our Alligator and Crocodile Unit Study.  

This unit study is probably better for preschoolers and younger elementary school students.  It's full of living books, a muddy experiment and crafts.

Another unit study that is targeted for preschool to younger elementary school students was my Butterfly Mini-Unit Study.

This study also uses living books, and crafts.  It really made learning about butterflies fun for the kids.

A unit study that we recently did that is targeted more for upper elementary to middle school aged students was Apples to Oregon.  This unit study incorporates activities that include copywork, language arts, science, history, and even math.  


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