And Then Everything Was Different

I have been blogging here at The Modern Day Mom for ten years now, and that time sure has flown.  However, you may have noticed that I haven't posted any new content since 2017.  2018 was a rough year for me.  It was the year that my 19 year marriage ended, I became a single mom, and learned how to live on my own for the very first time in my entire life.  It was also a year of healing and growth. 

When we separated my ex-husband and I agreed we would not let our divorce keep us from successfully co-parenting.  One of the first hurdles we faced when it came to co-parenting was what to do about our annual Spring Break trip to Walt Disney World.  The trip was planned, it was my daughter's senior year, and everything was paid for.  We sucked it up and decided to take the trip together with the kids.

It wasn't always easy, and it took some trial and error to figure out how to make things work but we did it.  I think it helped to heal some wounds with the kids, and let them see that we would be a family no matter what our current situation was.

About a month and a half after we returned home from that trip we had to come together again for my daughter's senior prom.

As the summer went on the kids and I learned how to do things on our own.  We spent as much time as we could together, and made the most of the time they had with me.  

Money was tight as I learned how to make things work on just my income but we still managed a few dinners out and a trip to the State Fair.

In July, I celebrated a milestone birthday.  I turned 40!  While many dread turning 40, I embraced it fully.  Not only did I turn the page on a new decade, it felt like I was turning a new page in my life as well.

And in August we celebrated my daughter's 18th birthday.  She was with her dad on her birthday and because of her work schedule I didn't get to see her for a few days afterwards.  Finally, after a break down on my part, my ex-husband agreed to leave his house for a little bit so that I could spend a couple of hours there with the kids to celebrate.  So at 10:30 at night we enjoyed a cheap coconut cake, some laughter, and a little bit of joy.  It wasn't the birthday I had imagined with her but in this new normal it turned out just perfectly.

And then we rolled into fall.  One of the things we enjoyed the most when I was married was our camping trips.  My sister insisted that we still do our annual Halloween camping trip and I obliged.  It was quite interesting.  I had to navigate putting the tent up on my own, building the fire by myself, and doing all the packing.

However, in the end it was truly worth the effort and we walked away with some great memories.  

As 2019 begins I am a completely different person.  I am in a new relationship, trying to figure out how to manage life with split custody, and learning how to deal with two teenagers.  Am I still a modern day mom?  Absolutely!  I still have dinners to cook, a house to clean, kids to entertain, and now a little more of a story to tell.


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